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Default Re: Two handed casters

I just went through my rod building catalog, and now I'm really confused...

There are a lot of spey blanks in there, and a few that are clearly two-handers (St. Croix makes a 10'6" 9-weight called the "Saltwater Surf-Popovics"), but most of the long blanks I can't tell whether they're spey or two-handed. I guess the guys who are into it know their stuff.

For what it's worth, the beachfront two-hander doesn't really interest me a whole lot. Fly fishing can be great out front, but I only use the long wand there when I can catch fish within 50 feet or so. If I really need a cast longer than 75 feet, I go to spinning gear (ya gots to use what best fits the situation). 9-footers do what I need them to do when I want to fish out front.

The longer casting spey and two-handed rods offer does interest me, though, in the calmer water of sheltered inlets and back bays. You can really clean up with the fly rod there, at times doing much better than you would with spinning or conventional tackle, and being able to throw longer casts allows you to broaden your range while fishing. It's an interesting concept, and one that I'll be looking at closely.
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