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Default Re: Two handed casters

I was thinking about this thread last night. I got home at about 8pm after entertaining 2yr olds all day. I was gassed and went to bed 'cause I have the same today. At any rate I made a big mistake and put the VS channel on. What show comes on but a fly fishing show, and what type of fishing, spey casting for steelies some where in Minnesota, where the population of steelhead is about 1000.

The show went into detail on many cool points of that style of fishing, and it actually almost has its own sub-culture. They went to this sorta' "Inn". There's beer cans everywhere, Japanese dudes drinking scotch with guys all inked up, one guy is cooking something, and the owners of the place are like we always have room. I saw that and was like "My people!!!". If I ever got into that, and went there, I'd NEVER come home. The anglers were all cool as hell.

They went into detail on the protocol of coming into the river amongst other casters and how the cast is quartered down and across and you always come in well upstream and work down. The best part was so long as you followed that rule they'd take you in. Their attitudes amongst their own were unrivaled. I was like "holy $h!t, why can't we have this attitude on the striper coast"??? The inn keeper was like everyone moves{parties} at their own pace, no one steps on toes, and if new people come in at first they're taken aback, but we get them in with some other anglers, and they come up to speed quick. Those folks were too cool!!!

Delarock, I totally get how people can absolutely fall in love with the Spey thing. The true hard cores of that sport seem to really take care of their own.

BTW, I watched it for only about 10min. before I got juiced, seeing that water, watching bombers swing, and 100' of line coming to a stop with a sharp tug on the rod, and so I had to tie flies to take the edge off.

Great stuff!!!
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