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Default My former cable company...

It was amazing how many 'special offers' they had for me when I called to disconnect today...almost as amazing as the FIOS internet speed.

They passed me through four freaking people today to cancel my cable.."but sir you will be paying more for less". How? My cable right now is 60 and the internet is 45, that's 105, FIOS is 95 including phone...I think you need a new battery in your calculator. Your going to pay taxes on the full amount, I know, my total bill wil be 126 a month and as much as I hate giving money to the government, I hate giving money to tha cable company more.

"Your going to be disappointed with your connection", OK you have my records in front of you, how many service calls have I had in the past few years because you cant get a decent tech to fix the cable connections on the pole right? Tell you what, I had copper from Verizon on my house for 12 years and never had a problem...maybe you should hire that guy. Listen this is a done deal, I'm talking to you on a FIOS connection, sounds pretty good to me, how about you?

"Well sir I think you are making a mistake and you'll come back to cable." No, if FIOS doesnt work out I'll get a dish..."You are going to be paying more for less"..."I have 10 more HD channels than you offer, an internet connection 5 times as fast as yours and a 4-8 hour UPS on my phone...are you using that calculator with the bad battery again?
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