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Originally posted by Frank Daignault:

Nifty, some people can tell by looking at them. Time was when I could do that, when I was a weighmaster. Between what the six of us weighed in and what was brought to me as a weighmaster, I used to guess the weight of a big bass within two pounds. No 45 pounder then could have ever passed my sight as a 50. But that was then and this is now. The yo-yos of yore, your fathers and uncles, largely had never seen a 40-pounder, let alone a "fifty". There is an overblown notion of the numbers of the so-called good old days.

Right. I was referring to the yoyos who have little experience with big fish and are telling me about all the monsters they are getting and don't ever weigh their fish. That's one of their favorite lines. Was not referring to any of you highliners monsieur D.
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