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Default Re: The press ......

No experience I have had matches Frank's but I do agree that they seem to have an agenda more that ever before. Sort of 1/2 the story, not fake news. Really good reporting would investigate before letting stuff go to print and might well mention the opposing views.....not in 2017-18. Not even close.
Politics is a PITA and ruins many a good discussion. We as a fishing community have our own unique corner on fake news..reports.
Last November we had an OK day on the local beach. Big rush of small fish 20"-30" eating like wild dogs and a few guys took a couple of fish 38" to 43" give or take. I was one of them and it was luck, almost. But I'm the local and knew where to set up. The following day the beach is much more crowded ( CP's ) and a guy I know and respect gets me aside and asks if there were really fish in the 20's and a couple of fish taken up to the low 40's. I knew what he had heard, so I just said "yes" and then said "inches"
The two of us were laughing for a while..fake news strikes again.
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