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Al, as usual, you got that right. Years ago, during the Schaefer Contest, i used to get the catch report from Schaefer. i started to notice this one guy from a club lead the largest surf blue, the largest surf weakfish, then the largest surf bass. After a few months, he lead every catagory Schaefer had. All of a sudden he disappeared and i asked some of the guys I knew from his state what happened to him. it seems the officers in his club called him in and started asking questions about the dates he caught these fish when he was known to have been somewhere other than fishing. You guessed it.

Of course, that is not everybody. But it cannot be too easy for people like that because they will corrupt it. Hall of Fame? i don't think so. Not surfcasting. Even boating does not support a Hall of Fame. There is a Hall of Fame but that is for all sorts of fish -- pouts, louts, wrasse.
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