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firecloud, I am a forum idiot. so to respond to your message, I made a tail weight mold by taking 2 pieces of angle iron and putting them together back to back. then I selected a drill size that would fit all the plugs I make but was slightly smaller than the tail grommet. drilled at the seam of the 2 pieces of angle down almost to the bottom. then take another drillbit a little larger than the wire I am using and drill the rest of the way through. now take an allen wrench that is just slightly larger than the small hole and when putting the 2 pieces of angle in a vise or clamping them together put the allen wrench in and clamp together. it should stay centered and not move. pour the lead, then work the allen wrench back and forth a little until it slides out. now tap the mold on the garage floor(preferably cement not the family room hardwood floor that would be bad since its still very hot)and the weight pops out. after a few tries it goes very quickly and you will have a neverending supply of weights. to cut them just slide them on a piece of through wire and using cutters cut 2 times at opposite angles gently and the weight will pop apart and you are ready to epoxy in place.
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