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Exclamation Scam Warning

Each week we delete a few postings from Europe or the Far East from scammers with numerous for sale listings for various cellphones, digital cameras, PC's, laptops, ipods and other popular electronics. We usually catch these posts within minutes and the scammers are immediately banned.

If you see one of these posts any where on the web site please click on the Report Post sign to notify us.

MORE IMPORTANTLY these are not legitimate businesses, it's a scam. They are NEVER going to deliver anything to you.

If you email them to make a purchase you will be asked for debit card / credit card info or to send a money order. If you give them your debit card number they are going to empty your bank account. If its a credit card number you might as well immediately contact your bank and cancel the account because they are going to make multiple charges. If you send a money order you would be better off flushing the money down the toilet.

In an effort to screw these guys up I've added the brand names of several cellphone manufacturers to the Censored Words list. I think you should be able to decipher them here: Nok_a, Ericss_n, Motor_la, & Next_l

When these scammers post their offerings the names of the
cellphone manufacturers will appear as XXXXX, XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX, & XXXXXX