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Great question, Michael, I can't answer that but I too have seen it. I may have to answer this a few times as the related notions visit my mind. A favorite "change up" is moon rise and, or, moonset. i have stood on Race bar tonging with the moon setting in the west and the bass would get in a frenzy, but once that moon set, "badabing!" Over. Similarly, we have been on the Back Beach getting crabs and when that moon came up linesides started hitting. To me sunset is a start,not an end, though I came into an ending seminar one show season and another "expert" was saying that stripers don't hit at night. Hello? Dawn is another favorable change, but the early or what we used to call the false dawn -- the dull glow. I know this raises more questions but a difference that may exist between us is that I have learned to accept the unexplainable as common. I question it but have learned to shrug it off. Of course, a value in the inquiring mind is that I can share it with readers, which I always watch for. As I once told an old girl friend, "I'll come back to this."

Thanks for asking about Momma J. This is the end of the second week and she is a lot better and we have both stopped acting like a couple of pussies. We picked black-eyed susans and razzberies this AM in the woods. If you can get them in the woods, you got half the battle

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