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Default Re: eastern tides @20 years

Around 1990 a local group of townies fighting the Park Service asked me to testify at a meeting with the Head Ranger to discuss continued beach access. They apparently thought I could say something in my testimony that might soften all the regulations now imposed on oversand-vehicle use. I went but I knew that the Park Service was just paying lip service to the group because these rangers, having broken every promise they ever made to anybody, obviously sought to make beach use less attractive to the public. Many of us got the feeling that it was a game and nothing really changed.

Bass fishing was awful, a moratorium was imposed on striper fishing so the entire purpose in going on the beach with a buggy had lost its relevence. For Frank and Joyce, the storm clouds of access and striper decline having exerted their influence, the Cape Cod we once had known was a memory shrouded in the mist.

End of series re Twenty Years on the Cape and Eastern Tides, a surfcaster's life

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