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Default Re: how many spots?

Joyce and I are down to about five spots locally. Admittedly, we have our easy pets. I think it very important that you become intimate with as many as you can. I have always said, both philosophically and in writing, It is not what you catch, it is what you learn. But each of us has different issues that relate to time for fishing, age, logistics, cost and you have to kind of work that out as it pertains to you.

Even when you do well and think you have some cogent facts for entry in your memory or log, you have to go back and prove they actually work for that spot. Conversely, I have deliberately gone to a place I liked at the wrong tide just to see if the tide matters, just to see if I have discovered somthing. It is part of the game and you have to love playing it. Otherwise it doesn't work learning and enjoyingwise. Good thread. Should rouse some interest.
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