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Default Re: how many spots?

I have my favorites at IBSP,that I hit daily,no matter the tide,moon,wind etc.Thats due to work schedule,and fishing time available.As Frank said,you will find when everything clicks,and the times when it doesnt.When I have found a place that works most times,it's a keeper.When someone else is in one of them,I go searching.With 9 miles or so of beach,I figure I will have the park down pat in about another 20 years or so... As TattooBob said,time of year is something to look at too.There are places the are terrible for stripers during the warmer months,but produce fluke.Dont discount the trial and error.It takes longer,but you do learn whats there after awhile.Think the most important thing is reading the beach.I think everyone will agree on that.Find a cut or bar,and you can figure out whats going to be around at different times of the tide and wind.

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