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I'd mentioned in the past how a boater came up inside my cast and asked if I was catching anything. I was in the same place last week, and a guide with a client in front, motored...twice, and very slowly..inside the casts of three of us! I purposely made a cast in front of, and slightly beyond the boat's path, to make a visual point of the boat's proximity to us...kind of a surfcaster's version of "a warning shot across the bow." I did NOT make the cast too close as to suggest I was trying to hit them. It looked as if the man in front was looking straight down into the water...maybe he'd dropped something there earlier? There were lots of rods in the rack, but none in hand. I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt here, but I thought their trajectory as rude. Other boats motoring by were close, but at least twice as far as this particular one.
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