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Default Re: Sept. & Oct. Fishing Reports 2016

Originally Posted by bunka bullsht View Post
Live from the mecca! Sunrise near the stepping stones. Saw an albie aerial show. Clipped on a deadly dick and a redgill teaser, both with rusted hooks. Well thats the reason your seeing the teaser in the pic and not the albie.
I was super excited when i was hooked up though, it showed no signs of slowing down about 2-3 minutes in before i lost him, making my vs sing my favorite song!
Check out this montauk bayside sunset
Attachment 15255
Attachment 15256
Nice sunrise.

Try a Gamakatsu SL11-3H in size 3/0 or 4/0 for that redgill Very strong hook.

Another tip is to pull the hook out of the redgill body before storing it after use. The hollow cavity in the redgill traps saltwater which leads to corrosion issues even with the weaker "stainless" hooks. Corrosion = compromised hook = sunset pictures
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