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Default Re: March & April Fishing Reports 2017

Originally Posted by bluesrule View Post
Attaching (I hope) 2 photos that give fishermen a bad name. I hope the boys who left this pile of 12 pound blues on the beach to rot see this post, but I doubt they will. I wish I had been there when they did this, but I wasn't. I hope everyone out here will step up and say something if they see this kind of pointless killing, whether blues, rays, or sea robins. All part of the ecosystem. Disgusting waste of life.
Thats horribly upsetting...I really do not understand how people justify that...looks like they need to regulate that now too people can't handle playing nice....

I just got back from being out.....saw about 20 fish caught all the size of my TV remote between two guys...i wasnt really interested in 1/2 lb fish.. so I stayed with my methods....nothing big showed..from what I saw tiny metals produced the dinks and one guy was doing extremely well on the fly....
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