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Default Re: March & April Fishing Reports 2017

Fished Raritan Bay yesterday in kayak starting early and staying until 3pm...rain early but sunny later on...I even got some tan on my face...water was around 58F
Started slow..low tide in morning did not help...was marking fish here and there without too much action until I finally got a nice 24" fish...but then as the tide started coming in school of fish began to show more frequent...finished day with over 20 bass with 60% being less than 20" one at 27.5" and another at 26" and lost several good keeper for me this time...btw, blues showed up...seen a lot swirls and couple of them basking in the sun with top fin protruding out of the water...they were not too aggressive but they did cut one of my shad in half...this time a lot of bass were hitting a teaser...interesting..the photos below are shots of my fish-finder 30 minutes apart at different locations...huge school but mostly shorts...
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