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Default Re: New to area &IBSP

Originally Posted by SurfScout View Post
Well, 23 reads, no responses.
That about sums it up.
When you saw 23 reads/views most of those numbers are from Bot's looking for new information to add to there search engines.

As for your original question IBSP is no different then most of the shore line anywhere in NJ. All area's can produce Fish at one time or another.
You just have to know the area your fishing for the best time of the season for the fish your targeting, then - -> tides, light, wind direction holes, sand bars...

The only thing that makes IBSP special is the ability to fish and drive on 24/7 365 days a year.

A15 and A21 are the 2 roads to access the back side.
As for ATV on the beach.
The fall run hasn't started yet and when it does most times in runs until late December unless we get arctic temps/snow fall.
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