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Default Re: New to area &IBSP

I'll chime in here having fished that area many years before moving to Florida. I will not mention specific locations so as not to enrage my former statesmen. Keep in mind these are just my opinions and not fact.
Regarding spring run and fall run. Some may disagree but I think the spring run is more consistent. The month of May is a month I would fish very hard in that area. Bass and blues usually cooperate at some point this time of year. Since you don't have a 4wd I would still recommend taking that long walk during this month. I've done it myself and have been rewarded.
Now as far as the fall run. For me, in the area you're talking about, September and most of October is usually not very productive. Consistently cool weather doesn't happen until late October. My rule of thumb was always to fish like a banshee from Halloween to Thanksgiving. It's not a huge window but usually productive. A productive fall run is usually dependent on sand eels being present. When they show up action can be tremendous, if they don't I find the fall run to be more hit and miss.
Lastly, but most importantly if you are targeting stripers forget about fishing when the sun is shining. You want be out there in dawn, dusk, and dark. The exception would be overcast drizzly, and even rainy days. These conditions sometimes offer productive daytime fishing. Remember, I'm referring specifically to the IBSP area. Areas north and south of there have varying productive fishing windows. I won't get into that now. Hope this helps.
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