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Default Re: Batter Up! Play Ball!!

even the " Scooter " had a couple of brain miss placements but he had Bill White to keep him in the game .

funny story : I took the kids to the Stadium ( old ) each kid had a new ball & pen we went early by the gate 5 waiting for the players , along comes John Sterling grabs the ball & pen from # 1 son , I jumped over 3 rows of people & just about having the ball signed , I claw them from his hands, the look on his face , The Big Boss was speechless & so was Sterling Lol. sonny boy ended up w/ Andy Pettitte's signed ball , 20 something years later when my son comes over & we talk baseball & have a few cold ones , He always asks me to tell that story , wife always shakes her head !

If these games get any longer .... Paul O'Neil w/ Frank & Mary dinner dates will turn to breakfast @ La Brasserie
Let the Big Ones Go
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