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Default Re: Sept. & Oct. 2018 Fishing Reports

IBSP 3:00 to 5:30 yesterday. Talked to other guys there who had fished the ocean side all day and hadn't had a bump. I met a buddy who was throwing a bucktail out back, as he said "500 casts without any joy." There were also several other guys I spoke to who'd fished out back without any good result. So I spent a halfhearted 45 minutes wading along and got not a touch, went up front to try the high tide. It looked awesome, but nothing was in the water for me or any of the bait soakers, so I went back to the bay. 20 casts in I got my one and only dink, about 22". It was the only fish I saw, and I was very glad to have had it on my line.

I think that there are fish on the move, and that morning or evening/night are going to just be better and better for folks. I hope that I will be able to make it to the beach for some kind of encounter with the big mamas, or even just the medium girls.
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