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Default Re: A Tribute to Al Bentsen

Originally Posted by SALMONMEISTER View Post
I was in Causeway B & T in Wantagh LI yesterday morning for a few minutes. In that short time I heard Al's name mentioned by three guys. In an area with many thousands of people (and probably thousands of fishermen too) to hear his name randomly as I was passing through told me he won't be forgotten. I never knew him or met him, but my condolences to all who did...I'm sorry for your loss.
I think that what you posted is a tribute to Al in itself. Though we never met in person, the stuff we shared through e-mail, phone calls and such was special to me.
I'm sure if you were lucky enough to fish with him, as Frank and several others here were, it probably cuts deeper than it does me. One thing that pops into my mind was when he directed me to the StriperSurf club link. I got to see him as a "kid", then as a mature guy. Other than the get older thing, he looks the same. Same smile on his face holding a 50 pounder in his 20's, as when joining friends for dinner in his 70's.
The world is a lesser place without Al in it...
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