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Default Re: The 2015 New York Baseball Thread

Billy you dug the subject up. Harvey makes about 6-7 hundred K w/ the METS , WHAT A DEAL !
Can the Mets give Harvey a ten year deal ? this year ? if so let the kid throw his way to the playoffs & gamble w/ his arm Then he is secure to have a good career & family life . If I were Harvey's dad or agent HE would be done @ 180 innings. Cause after this year He can / will be potentially a very 200 million dollar man !
It's all in the agent, I can tell you stories about this baseball business , They give CUBAN players multi million $$ deals who never set foot in the Bigs ! & they make our home grown go thru the system for peanuts .

The Yankee loss did not spoil the sunny day BBQ Lamb Chops & brew .What a day !
Let the Big Ones Go
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