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Default Re: The Hunting/Shooting Thread

Well, when I was in basic military training way back in 69 they had a program called quick kill. You were taught this by facing your buddy about 3 feet away. The shooter would have a Daisy BB gun and your buddy would have a load of metal disks perhaps 3 inches across. The buddy would throw them in the air, short throw. long throw and the shooter would shoot at them. You would be surprised on how many dings (hits) you heard.
Of course the drill sergeant not being the smartest wick in the flame would often walk the line on the wrong side--you got it pay back time!

Something about hand eye coordination can be learned easily with practice. Ask any gunslinger from the old west.

If you bring this back home, here how many of us cast for the first time in a given year and lure bait goes elsewhere from where we are looking.
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