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Originally Posted by MAD 6 View Post
The winter flounder season down here in South Jersey isn't that big, from what I have heard you can expect to catch an avg of a 13" fluke and your only allowed 2 - so maybe it would be a good idea to try to catch a couple later in the season and use them for Striper bait, not sure if that is legal but as long as the are the length requirement and you don't have more than 2 fluke you should be OK? I don't know what kind of filet your going to get out of a 13" flounder if you chose to eat them...
1. they are not fluke, but rather winter flounder.
2. as I stated, with a 2 fish limit, the fishery is essentially closed
3. the season is limited:
Winter Flounder
The minimum size limit for winter flounder is 12 inches. For winter flounder the open season is March 23 to May 21. The possession limit is 2 fish per angler per day.

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