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Default Re: Book Talk: Fly Fishing the Striper Surf

It is not about the use of a basket. It is about the lack of diversity in the fly fishing world. Few of them appreciate the room for differences of opinion. So what if a writer does not happen to appreciate the basket. Move on for Pete's sake. You don't take out a contract on an author because you wasted 15 bucks. Do what you want.

I do know that one author, whose fly books are more popular than mine, is always promoting more equipment. It causes me to be suspect that he is more in the business of selling more fly fishing do-dads. Moreover, fly fishing from shore is much different than that of fly fishing from a boat. As with so many things, when you change one thing, it changes everything. Imagine a guy placing fly line in a strippintg basket when all he has to do is drop the fly line into the boat.
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