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Default Re: Book Talk: Fly Fishing the Striper Surf

Fly fishing has a cult following that is inspired by the regular fly fishing writers. Because my reputation was built in mainstream publications, not fly fishing books, I am viewed as an outsider where when they see my name they say who is this guy. One of our daughters works part time for a large fly house as a fly fishing instructor and even they won't carry my books. By right, it should be about a person's ability to inform and entertain; but the political side remains formidable. Of course, perfect world, somebody would sit down and see what Frank Daignault has to say and how he says it. But that would be asking too much.

But in all fairness to them, I could pursue that market place with a greater vigor but the fire in my belly is gone. I have been invited to do seminars where they lower the price before I even get there. I have signed book contracts that the publisher backed out on; I have editors who have lost my articles and pictures; once an insider, I have been banished for protecting my wife and my self. You know where I am most appreciated, revered really -- right here. Someday many among you will be 75 with a foot scar on your chest where they put your heart on the table. Then you will know what is important -- that each day is a gift. (What a phuckin rant!)
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