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Default Re: frank surf rods?

I assume you are planning a spinning application as that is the most popular. Because the rod will be used for both lures and bait, I would plan the lure application for the new stick because you can more easily adapt a lure rod to bait fishing that a bait rod for lure fishing. My choice has been controversial in the past and that could come up again but 10 feet is too long for hurling artificials. My rods are all around 9-3 for both spinning and conventional. If you don't like that, go shorter, not longer.

As for price I can't help you though our guys here can. In general, I would shy away from production sticks from the big box stores and talk to a custom rod maker -- they are all over the place and usually more competent -- and whatever they make the most of is what people like and the choice is made for you. Tell the boss what you want, what you told me. Also, take in what our guys here say.

Surfrods are like women: the first one is always a mistake. For that reason whatever you decide upon when starting will end up being your back-up rod.
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