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Default Re: frank surf rods?

Like everyone else said, plugging rods wont do bait duty. But if you want a nice plugging stick... I'd look into lamiglas or st. croix. Ive never done the custom thing, but my two plug sticks have been awesome. My lami, love that rod, is for my bigger stuff/spring run gun. And my st. croix is a bit lighter for double duty on fluking.

Just wanna give lami a plug here... pun intended, hurrying out of my house at some weird hour, I shut my rod tip in the door, took off about 6 inches. I still wanted to fish so i just stuck the top guide on the busted piece... But afterwards I called up lami and they said send us whatever you have left and we'll build you a fresh one for 100$ I paid 220+ for the rod and it was a model that they didnt make anymore (9' Inshore Classic XH 1 piece). Since it was the summer blues situation i kinda just left it on the back burner. A month or so passed and i called em up and the lady was like oh shoot, i totally forgot about that one, its almost done were just waiting on the same color thread that your old rod was wrapped with. I just told her not to worry and just use whatever you got. She actually went back to the shop and asked the guy to finish it ASAP. Mind you, i wasnt pushing them, i didnt need it right away. So the next day Lami calls me back and tells me they finished it and are express shipping it to me at their cost. Got a 9' PVC tube 2 days later. You really can't find customer service like that anywhere, period. And that is the kind of thing that speaks to me, plus they are an American company. They built me a fresh rod that they dont have in stock and did it without any hassle at all. I've been a sworn lami customer ever since, though i havent needed to buy any rods, because now i make sure the tip goes out the door first.

Sorry for going way off topic, but i want you to get something youll love... and know if something ever goes wrong, youll be taken care of like i was. Big ups to lami!
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