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Default Re: Last Windows XP Update

Originally Posted by Bob D'Amico View Post
Because my Apple Mac Pro gets automatic updates about every two weeks of the Leopard OSX Operating System and NEVER has a hiccup or causes any of the 3rd party software to crap out.

I don't even have 1/4 of the knowledge of how OSX Leopard works, don't need to it just works! Flawlessly

Part of my point, there are always fixes comming out. If you do it automaticlly you don't even know it's happening. A number of fixes happen over the life of the software so you don't notice. But when a 'major' new releas or significant level set occurs, there are alot of things that don't get found. So there are a flurry of problems and emergency fixes. After that things get fixed over time with the automatic updates hopefully.
The problem with MS operating systems is they're so widely used they're targets for alot of attacks. So a lot of things get exercised by folks trying to break thru barriers.
Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be defending sloppy software. It should be as fully tested as possible before it goes GA. Not like when they released ME with 2000+ known bugs.
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