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Default Re: Fishing Reports for the rest of 2018

Originally Posted by RobS View Post
well tog fishing has been a mystery this year down here.

none of the big tog have shown up, and in fact the population is very light
for this time of year. water conditions were perfect and yet it was a very very
slow pick of 12" ers.
Interestingly enough togging in western Long Island Sound has been much better for me than in previous years...
Made a trip on kayak yesterday with 3 other buddies...6am to 5pm...perfect conditions, air temps in mid 40F..water 56F ...
At the beginning we run into bass blitz with birds where I caught 5 bass in 26" range with one 31" keeper...all on top water popper.
Then we went 7 keepers with the largest being 22" ( 6.5 lbs) and the smallest 16.5"...fished 3 different spots and I got a keeper at each of them...
On our way back in afternoon run into another blitz with fish swirling all around 6 more of those days
By the way the sunrise photo is not the was cloudy in the morning
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