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Default Re: Al Bentsen: Your Googan Days?

I learned in the mid to late 60s that conventional tackle was stronger but you had to learn it more than spinning. I got good with the squidder in no time and did a fair amount of fishing on the rocks in Narragansett. One day, when I was live-lining tinker mackerel off the stones, some guys aroudn my age made fun of me for fishing with "old man tackle" -- the squidder. Even at Nauset in the 60s nobody fished conventional. In 1970, when the Nauset regulations forced everybody to move more, we went to P-town, which we viewed as a little bit shockwa, especially with all the New Yorkers. But many of them fished squidders and I felt better fishing with my squidder in P-Town. I don't know if was a perception on my part or a fact of the time, but, it seemed that the early 70s was a period of rebirth for conventional, especially squidders. Al, I'm sure you'll think of more stuff. They love you here and want to hear more about how you clawed your way.
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