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Default Re: Outdoor Art -- Surf and Otherwise

One of my favorites is a painting called "Fishing For Striped Bass in the Surf on the New Jersey Coast," by a dude named Arthur Burdett Frost. Frost was a student of Thomas Eakins, who's widely regarded as the greatest American artist ever, and the painting shows definite evidence of Eakins's influence on Frost. It was painted in 1882, when sport fishing was in its infancy, and well-heeled Philadelphians and New Yorkers would take trains to fish the Jersey shore (I was gonna ask if Frank taught these guys to cast, but I don't want to get banned).

There's just something about this picture that I love. It shows that while some things change in plying the striper surf, some things are timeless: change the clothes these guys are wearing, and the gear they're using, and this could be a scene on any Jersey beach tomorrow. The allure of the high surf is timeless.
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