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Default To Shock or Knot to Shock.....

Hello, Frank...

Fall is earnest. Had myself a ball in Montauk this weekend. I usually make it out once a year or so, and I hit it right-for a change. On the way home, I stopped at Borders Books and bought Trophy Stripers. I am devouring it.

Let me ask you about shock leaders, knots, line, etc. I got the indication reading that chapter that you are not a fan of shock leaders. The logical reason (please tell me if I am wrong) is you do not want more knots in the line, thereby increasing the odds of failure when it is show time. So that leaves tying direct.

Given these parameters (mine, obivously), what would you suggest?

I use a Penn 704, manual pickup. It is on a 10.5 ft. rod. I fish the south shore of LI almost exclusively, since I am minutes from the water.

I am also primarily an artificials guy, except for the couple of times per year I fall for the charm of chunking.

What weight line do you suggest? And what is your favorite knot? (Although, I think you said so in the book.)

Anyway, I have read 20 Years on the Cape and Eastern Tides. Both fascinating. But this one is unreal in its educational scope, and I wish I had found it sooner.

Thanks in advance.

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