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Default Re: A Tribute to Al Bentsen

I think we'll bounce between my memories of Al back in the day and what Ragati kept and passed on:
Nothing is more offensive to a sneak than being another sneak. We sneaks learn not to trust anybody and I knew Al Bentsen had to be watched. For instance, here is the guy who all but invented the rigged eel but he fished an Atom plug every time he showed at the Second Rip. Who did he think he was kiddin'? I was sure he was fishing a rigged eel when nobody was looking then allowed himself to be seen with an Atom plug. Anyway, this morning at dawn, Atom plugs all over his gear, he had about a 35 pounder laying in the sand next to his Wagooneer. The old eel/plug switch trick. Worse, nobody had a single take in the 20 regulars fishing the rip. But he didn't fool me. Anyway, 35 years later he told everybody, me last, that he had caught it on the Back Beach and wanted us all, at the time, to think it was taken in the Second Rip. So his slight of hand was not in using a rigged eel. Rather, it was where he caught the bass. That buggah!
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