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Default Re: A Tribute to Al Bentsen

When I started fishing with him, he told me that if he took a "lesser fisherman" out then it was their job to carry his fish for him. I told him I would if he outfished me and fortunatly that didn't happen too often.
One night though (late October 1978) he called me over to unhook the only fish either of us had that night, basically to rub my nose in it because it was such tough pickings and the wind was in our faces (not easy to cast a riggie on conventional into a 25 mph breeze) , he knew we wouldn't fish much longer that night. He had that 9/0 hook buried to the hilt in solid bone of a nice 47 pounder and he said his hands were too cold to deal with it so I worked on it for quite awhile with pliers and muscle and finally got some play in the hook and was able to eventually work the thing out.
I must have unhooked over 20,000 bass in my days (no exaggeration) and that one was by far the most solidly hooked fish I've ever seen!
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