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Raybo, I think those rules still apply. I fish mostly in the Portland-Kennebunk area so Im not exactly sure about the Kennebec. I do know there are thousands and thousands of alewives at the Fort Halifax damn in Winslow, too bad we cant fish bait there yet.

B.C. I think the article had some good points but some was just opinion. Ive seen bass feeding with lures and hooks in their mouths, I dont think it takes them long to start feeding soon after being caught. I do think the whole Atlantic coast should obey the same striper laws. To me, it makes no sense that a 28" bass may be kept in Mass. Thanks for giving that fish a chance to get to us up here. Make our slot limit the same for every state. That way if by chance you catch a 20" bass that swallows the hook, you can take it home rather than throw it back to feed the crabs. I could talk about this forever but I also feel that a lack of big bait like pogies keeps the big bass and blues out of Maine. Maybe someone needs to concentrate more on stopping fishing for pogies. I dont know for sure, its all just my opinion, we welcome yours.
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