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Jeff B
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Hey Eric,
Thanks for the info. Looking forward to your reporting. I'm from Jersey but vacation Maine quite a bit and hope to live there someday.
Another question for you : I usually end up in the northern Down East region. Always Acadia and I have family in Washington County as well (thus the smallie fever come spring spawn!), and I was wondering if stripers frequent the Acadia/Stonington area and further north to Machias and the St.Croix River?
I know the Gulf stream bangs a hard right turn just south of there usually heading east offshore so it's much colder as far as water temp goes, but I have heard conflicting reports of bass in those areas. One guy I met in Calais said they have a steady fishery of stripers in the St.Croix river every year. I really need to learn the water temp ranges and baitfish population as well.
Thanks for setting up this forum .
Any help you can provide would be great.

Tight Lines All !
Jeff B.
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