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Default Re: ***the Refuge***

Awsome Pics plum!

My wife also thought they were great, awsome sunsets there!

The boys are just jealous, what does SC have? A puny striper to his name so far this year? from the surf, and some flatties utilizing depth finding sonar, fishfinders and expert captains.

Plum could land a 36" anytime she wanted, she let the hubby catch the bigun to massage his ego. My wife does the same thing! I really don't have an ego though....

Of course my husbands is bigger. I hope it is always like that!
there's the proof

Of course, that line could take us in a whole nother direction, but I'll pass!

Those are some awesome pics...... I attribue it to the sun setting in Kerry-land (If they are sunrise pics, I just placed my foot firmly in my !

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