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Default Re: ***the Refuge***

Damn, looks like I bugged out too early! How long after I last saw you two did you folks pull the other ones in?

After I left you, I fished the remainder of the low and incoming at the sandbar on the river mouth, absolutely dead. First time there since early July, first skunk of the year there! Baitfish everywhere, but no blue or stripers to be had.

Next time out I think I'll set up closer to you and your hubby, I certainly didn't do any better fishing solo.

Have to figure out how to get my wife out there, she takes awesome photos, but won't sleep overnight in the truck (and I'm not giving out my address, so TattooBob can stick to the beach, my wife is off limits!).

Seriously though, I'm hoping to be out there again this weekend, don't know exactly when yet or which one of my kids will be my designated fishing buddy. Tides look decent, but high is over a foot more than last weekend, and we'll definitely need to back the trucks up to the dunes to stay dry this time.

Have a great week!
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