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Wink Re: ***the Refuge***

Originally Posted by tattoobob
Oh ya, sorry I have striper on my Brain
Relax tattoobob, just trying to make a little light fun with the tag line you had somewhere that said "Visiting your wife while you're out fishing", just like Plum said. Sorry if you took my playing along with your joke the wrong way. I sincerely apologize if I crossed the line. No harm intended. This site is entertaining, educational, and I always look forward to what gets contributed here as a high point of the day whenever I can't get to the sea and fish. I also look forward to the opportunity to actually meet and talk with the folks who post here, nice to be able to place a human face when reading these postings.

A little compliment to you as well, since you indicated that you can get your wife out with you when you go fishing, wish I had the same success with mine!

Enjoy the fishing, wish the fish gods smile on all, and I certainly hope the weather cooperates.
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