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Default Re: Plum Island - Where to fish questions


It was great to get a chance to stop by and say hello on Sunday. Didn't see any VT plates, sorry maybe next time.

The seaworms I bought had a number of them the size in TattooBob's picture, but not as many as I would have thought given that I made a special trip to get them and paid for "selects". Next time I will definitely try out Bridge Road B&T. When you go there, do you drive from 495 all the way down 110 to RT. 1?

Averaged 1 striper an hour from 10 AM to 8 PM, almost all from 25-27 inches, all very lively, many very close to keeper but too short.

Fished clams and worms. All stripers on worms. Caught 6 spiny dogfish, several 3'-4' long, bigger than I have seen in past years. Dogfish hit both clams and worms, but mostly on the clams. Saw a lot of big clamshells where I was, so thought that would be a good bait, but no luck.

I have to take a hard look at the rigging on one of my bait rods. For some reason the last three times out it caught the majority of the fish, maybe 50-75%, and that is with four lines out all total. I don't believe in luck. Didn't matter where I set it up, or how I cast, just keeps getting hits consistently when the others don't very often. I have at least one other of my rods using the same rig setup, tied the same night, same hooks, same leader material, same floats, and haven't changed them out yet. I put on my weights randomly pulled out of a bucket each time out. I wonder if the leader is slightly different in length, as sometimes my consistency when I snell up a hook/leader leaves a couple of inches different from one set to another.

Funny thing happened when I went to leave. Just finished listening on the radio to the Pats beating the Steelers. Got a cell phone call. By then it was getting close to 8PM so I decided it was time to go. I had to take a quick pit stop before packing it in for the night, so I walk around to the back of the truck a ways. Right in the middle, I hear that wonderful sound of a drag screaming, and look over to see one of my "Old Red-eyes" bouncing down to the ground (it was totally dark at this point). So I start running, zipping, tripping, can't get my waders back up and strapped on. Get to the rod holder, grab it and start reeling. This one was big, somehow managed to tighten the drag a bit, start playing the fish, get one sholder strap clasped, headlamp on. Got the fish in the near surf, looks like high 30"s, maybe low 40"s. Makes another run out, bring it back in. My damn waders are still only half on, don't want to go too far in after the fish as I lost my floatation belt behind me somewhere in the sand, probably why I tripped running over, so I horse it a little too much ---- then snap, hook rips free, bye-bye cow. And it was on that same "lucky" rod.
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