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Default Re: Plum Island - Where to fish questions

I have an observation. I think on the PI beachfront, reading the water and the sand is very important. Posts from PC and Bob make catching on the refuge sound easy, but rest assured these people I am sure I have put in their time driving the beach and reading the water. It's not like you can plunk a worm anywhere in the water and boom, a cow hits. Sure, it happens if you are lucky, but you need to put in your time if you don't want to get skunked, even in the fall. Even though PI has a lot of fish, you still need to put in your time to find them. Walking on makes this an even more time consuming project because we are talking miles and miles of sand here that all pretty much looks the same if you are not paying attention to stucture.
Correct me if I am wrong Plum and TattooBob, but I just don't want to mislead anybody into thinking stripers are popping out of the water everywhere you go on PI.
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