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Default Re: virtual memory?

Originally Posted by Jess View Post
52 processes is a lot more then you need to be running.
Try to get it down into the 30's range.

If you hit start/run type msconfig then enter. click on the start up tab. there you can see all the crap that wants to run when you boot up. there is a lot of boxs you can uncheck to help things out on boot time.
I'm a firm believer of I'll turn what app. on I want to run when I want to run it.
All the processes running on my PC I want running. You are forgetting that the "Rocket" has the top of the line Intel Core 2 Quad QX9650 processor, 4 GB of RAM and a Nvidia 8800GTS with 640MB onboard - The machine can handle it. You will note that Bonjour, Quicktime and iTunes are not running - I know how to use MSCONFIG

I usually use two other programs to control all processes, "procexp.exe" from Micossucks and "autoruns.exe" from
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