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I am a canal addict. Search through my old posts you may get a tip or two. I'll highlight a couple below.

The bike: yes they are helpful provided you don't end up riding more than fishing. (lots of canal guys are guilty of this)

Fish Everywhere: Yes and No on that, goes back to what I was saying about the bike, understanding that the bass typically move in and out of the canal quickly is key. Sometimes you'll need to cover the 7 mile stretch, most times it's better to wait for them to come through.

Jigging: Its a must know technique if you want to fish a full tide, also the best method for big fish and most productive method for late morning/daytime canal fishing.

Gear: The canal current magnifies the right of any bass you hook, if you are not loaded for bear chances of snapping off on a large are higher than anywhere else.

First Light: Many a canal fisherman fail because they expect magic at first light every morning and subsequently they only show up at first light. There have been many a night where they were on the surface all night only to stop feeding in the am.

Respect: With the fast current its very important to provide space to the guy next to you. For both your benifit and his. Plugging next to someone jigging is a no no. Jigging 10' away from someone else jigging is a no no. Mugging a guy who's been standing on the same rock all night to get into first light action is a serious offense.

Hopefully that helps some. Pm for mpre details (spot info will never be divludged).
Jon Spencer
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