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Arrow All About Fishing Reports & SSc Policy

Apparently it's time for my yearly Fishing Reports and Forums Use "wisdom."

The initial and still main focus of SSc is to promote our "sport" and help both new and experienced fishermen become better fishermen.

No one expects that you provide them the GPS coordinates to your super secret fishing hot spot although I and a million other guys have probably fished "your spot" since the 1950's.

I have not read a single post in the October Fishing Reports thread that gives away more information than the reports in local fishing magazines and newspapers.

New members of this site who consider themselves "sharpies" are required to be as polite and considerate as members who have contributed here for many years. If any new or old member prefers to be contentious, rude and obnoxious please feel free to leave and complain about SSc on another website. We really don't give a damn.

As always, new members who are also new to surf fishing are welcome to email or send me a Private Message for general guidance, advice plus details on all 127 miles of my super secret NJ fishing spots.

PS: Please don't ask me which specific model rod and reel you should buy, no one can keep up with that. Always remember that Sharp Hooks are your most important piece of tackle and Mustad is Norwegian for "Dull."
Bob D'Amico

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