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Default Re: Fishing Reports for the rest of 2018

Moco 10AM to 1PM Out front with an incoming tide. I tried to get in the zone for a short while with a hard East wind while on the fly. I made a few decent casts with a 400 grain sink line, but the wind increased, making this a fools effort. I was hoping for a NE wind to take advantage of a better angle. It sure looked fishy until it started to sleet and snow. I switched to the back side, but couldn't find the zone despite some olympic worthy distance casts with the 20 plus mph wind cranking at my back.
My fly snagged quite a few small grass shrimp on every other cast.

Lesson learned during this attempt:

If you go you before a N'Easter, you will have the sand to yourself!

Wool gloves with leather on the palm side, will keep your hands warm even when wet from the fly line, snow, sleet and rain.

Dress warm and waterproof and it will always feel good to scratch an itch, even when you don't catch
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