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Default Re: Fishing Reports Spring 2019

Originally Posted by Joseph C. View Post
Plugging in RB question:
For glider and lesser swimming plugs, are they worked slowly or in any particular way?
Same with mag darter and such surface plugs - slow, medium, faster or what?
Joseph, depends on the glider, easy to get hung up in RB especially with heavier sinking gliders. Many gliders provide their own "S" action so a steady retrieve is the ticket but a twitch or stop every now and then doesn't hurt.

For MD's yes all of those- slow, medium, faster or what , even stopping. One night I watched Bayyaker retrieve his md so slow I thought for sure he had fallen asleep .
Early spring slow with a twitch or stop every now and then is the way to go.
It's all about that Bass, no treble.......
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