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Default Re: please help with gear set up

Originally Posted by Joe View Post
Swim baits I always like fishing them with a shorter lighter rod.
I use a 9' 1-3 oz rod for certain applications like the one you mention ( that's just me ) but, like Rob stated, go heavier on the swimmer.
I find for most, if not all, of my casting the 9'er ( I have a few of them ) does what I want. I was never a big fan of longer rods although I do use a 10 foot bait soaker.

Down here in flatland, I like to go a bit longer than up "nawth"... so I now have a 12 foot 8nBait rod, along with a 10' med/light rod for tossing light plugs/shads/light baits whatever.

I also have a range of everything else... way too many rods now that I had 4 (count'em) 4 vintage rods of my father-in-laws redone, including a 9' lami fiberglass rod! 3 conventional, one spinning... one of the conventionals was used on the Ventnor pier for horsing in stripers (to keep them away from the pilings).

Have a local rod-builder who is just so good and so reasonable $-wise I couldn't help myself
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