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Originally posted by Saltheart:
My last comment is about the cheap shots at guys who feel its worth the money to pay for art work. just cause they think its worth paying extra for a nice looking design , doesn't mean they are ignorant about the functional aspects of the rod. Some of the best fisherman I make rods for insist on all black rods. That's not because an all black rod fishes any better or worse than a rod with a fancy butt wrap. Someone who specifies an all black rod is in his own way , making a "fashion statement". Some people choose a navy blue suit and some people choose a black suit. It doesn't mean that the guy who chooses the blue suit has less awareness than the guy who chooses the black suit that the primary purpose of the suit is to cover his butt crack.

My custom rod was made for me to PERFORM the way I want it to. The fancy, tricked-out wrappings are just the icing on the cake!!! Well said Saltheart.
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