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The Berkeley Striper Club Fall Fishing Derby will begin on 9/1 and run through 12/31. The boundaries include all N.J. waters but the fish must be caught from the shore as no boats are allowed. Fish may be weiged in at any store that has a certified scale. First place for the largest striper is $ and there is a $100. cash prize for the largest weakfish and largest bluefish. There is also a second place for each species which will be a $50. gift certificate from Betty and Nick's Bait and Tackle. There is a $6. entry fee plus $1. to cover shipping and handling. Mail entrance fee to: Berkeley Striper Club, Att. Fall Derby Committee, P.O. Box 9, Seaside Park, N.J. 08752. For additional info. call Shell E. Caris at (732)929-0776.
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